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           Manage Your Spaces.


 경험+관리 사용자 최적화 
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Manage Every Space
by KeyWe SPCE.

KeyWe Space Management

Space management platform for every manager and user. 

Managers save time, and users experience convenient spaces. 

User Customization

Easy and convenient access for visitors.

Convenient space management for managers.

Integrated Management System

Experience multiple functions such as shared space reservation by integrated  user management system. 

Safer and Easier

Check your spaces at the dashboard,

control them by the app.

Multiple Spaces
at Once, Control Any Space Conveniently.

Anyone can manage spaces anytime and anywhere. Experience higher quality of space management! 

✔️ Access control & Access history management
Individual space access control and management
Guest, visitors access and reservation
Shared spaces reservation management
Event creation & Ticket sales

✔️ Member and company directory
Smart device connection expansion

Experience KeyWe SPCE for FREE!
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